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About Me

As a digital marketer, my personal successes come from being able to bring success to others. I offer the experience and wisdom that comes with two accredited degrees, multiple certifications, and more than 9 years of experience to my clients, enabling them to explore what growing their businesses and reaching their goals really looks like to them.

I don’t believe exciting and effective marketing campaigns are only for giants of industry. In fact, I believe that all businesses can benefit from precise, targeted advertising and promotion. Even the most shoestring of budgets used in creative ways can result in growth and conversion.

I’ve dedicated my career to learning from top performers and applying that knowledge to businesses everywhere. I work remotely, which allows me to provide high-quality services at for business across the United States. From social posting to pay-per-click advertising, email management to content creation, I can help you reach your goals and achieve more. Contact me today and take the first step into the future of your business.


Samantha Puchlerz
Digital Marketer

Samantha Puchlerz
Digital Marketer

My Skills

Strategy Development | Email Design | Email Marketing | Social Media Marketing | SEO/SEM | Content Creation | Content Management | Web Design | Data Analysis & Visualization | Copywriting | Graphic Design | Video Editing | List Management | Automation | Drip Marketing | Community Management | Customer Management | N-Way Testing and Matrix Design

Featured Projects

Food Gardening Network

I am the Associate Editor of foodgardening.mequoda.com, as well as Photography Editor and Systems Manager. My responsibilities include sourcing and editing images, contributing to and managing content, email marketing, social advertising, graphic design including cover design for free downloads, and more.



I’ve partnered with school2life founder Susan Newman to promote the school2life 2021 Internship & Job Search Workshops, as well as school2life Gallery- the personalized digital yearbook platform design to help students showcase their achievements. I am providing services including social advertising, video editing, web design mockup/consultation with SEO, social posting, strategy, and data analysis.



Five Elements Studios


I provide digital marketing services to Five Elements Studios, to promote the studio and their upcoming film, TATTOO. I provided campaign strategy for TATTOO, as well as graphic design, video editing, community management, crowdfunding management, social advertising, social content, and more. I also serve as the digital marketer for the studio, and am currently creating their website using WordPress, and crafting a growth strategy focused on visibility and engagement.


My LinkedIn

Want a complete picture of my work? Visit my LinkedIn for current and previous positions, responsibilities, skills, endorsements, and more!

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Samantha Puchlerz

Remote digital marketer looking for full-time opportunity.



Maybrook, New York



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